The Institute functions as a school, but a life long school whose instruction parallels and interacts directly with the course of one’s life processes be you be “butcher, baker or candlestick maker.” The personally applied program does not take time---it takes place in the market place of one’s daily activities. The theoretical program, introduced by several evening classes per week dealing with philosophy, psychology and physicality that are then applied through Sunday projects, however, does take time. Monthly contributions cover the costs of maintaining a facility, and since instructors are taking the courses while sharing their experience, there are no salaries.

In the company of heterogeneous but like minded “class-mates” the Institute sets up conditions for the conscious perception---digestion---of one’s physical, emotional and mental attitudes as they intra-act within one’s self and the inter-actions they trigger in relation with others. The results are for personal consumption only---the question is one of measurement, not judgement.

The process might be described as satisfying the demands of our psyvolutionary aspirations while living a normal life---(life as a monastery!).


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