The "start-up" beginnings of the Institute was underway in rented rooms, when in 1982, a small group of participants, each in their own orbit around the question of meaning, managed to purchase a property scheduled for demolition on a less than savory corner of West Berkeley, CA. The property, under use as a sado-masochistic parlor, was a thorough-going renovation project involving a two story six unit apartment building and a detached cottage. Soon enough it began to serve our purposes: rooms for meeting, and concomitantly, a real life construction project which proceeded on Sundays as, felicitously, monthly dues managed to offset the price of construction materials. As amateurs we learned to learn from tools while simultaneously practicing an "attention exercise" aimed at developing a minded body as a means of living from conscience.

The sense of the imperative to coalesce coherent attention had acquired a physical arena for testing its practical application. We gathered in the Sunday dawn, set up the inner experiment of the day, and while working at an outer task, studied the elusive vagaries of attention. We exchanged impressions of our efforts after lunch and parlaying the results of the exchange, we tried again in the afternoon session---for ten years.

As the 1990's got underway the completely renovated property was rolled into the purchase of a much more challenging 6500 sq ft commercial structure in San francisco.

From a project to a facility, the premises now serves as the "garage" for the start-up Entropy/Consciousness Institute. Because of its interest in the history of the imperative of evolutionary processes, and the implications to its dynamics of Neg-entropy, Quantum Mechanics, Micro-biology, Macro-physics, Complexity Theory, Emergence, et al, 2008 saw the group take on the formal obligations of a research/teaching Institute.

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