The Cosmopomoral-Organic Method

The cosmopomoral-organic method is based on cosmological events occurring in humans---that is, on the natural phenomena of psyvolutionary signals or, as they are generally known, epiphanies. These personally experienced moments are dots on the power curve of evolutionary/psyvolutionary transition processes.

Every human has had the sudden experience of heightened sensory inclusiveness---of “bright” moments which, though both rare and brief, lift the obfuscatory veil of our fight or flight stories. Though we cannot reproduce them from desire or will, such moments of inexplicable sensory clarity present one with an experience of more strongly interacting energy/mass dynamics. Being actual, they may be termed ‘epiphanons.’ Our instantaneous attempts to explain these moments to ourselves or others confuse the experience itself and result in nothing more than vague and so forgotten mystifications.

Epiphanons are signals from a natural potential-difference between the autochthonous structure of Planck scale bound-energy/mass dynamics and its most recent construction, three brained beingness. Three brained being dynamics resulted from the preferred position configuration-state propagated in accordance with the narrowly constricted laws necessary to sufficiently reconcile Uncertainty Principle dynamics. The momentum/position limits of the Uncertainty Principle bind the processes by which the dynamics of evolutionary/psyvolutionary dynamics proceed.

Humans are the extant labor force working out, at the tip of galactic processes, an entropy-consciousness potential-difference; we, that is, our consciousnesses, are constructed to serve a cosmopomorally pivotal function. This function consists of an intentional reconciliation of our endowment of disparate consciousnesses. The work is counter intuitive, however, in that one cannot go about collecting and adding results to oneself---neither weekend seminars, long retreats, stillness nor abstinence can, under the best of conditions, do more than till the soil of our entangled functioning.


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