Raison D'être

The sense of answering to the evolutionary/psyvolutionary imperative of Life itself expresses critically through the third brain overlay that differentiates Homo sapiens from their animal ancestors. The human experience of the imperative (from which we have appropriated religiousity) expresses itself through our being as the drive of rationality. In early times, its message prompted tribal rituals, then houses of mystical ceremony, and further, various forms of hermeticism. Advancements in weaponry assured these misappropriations their day, but in modern times the imperative of third brain exigencies brought us the telescope, classical mechanics and the microscope. Under penetrating examination the laws of universe unfolded to substantially diminish the sense of how life works and to open the way to the revelations of evolution, studies based on statistical dynamics, and to the function of humans.

Human perceptive faculties are naturally delimited from the discernment of the ultimate whence we, but there is no longer a question of why we, how we or whither we. The function of humanity is the renormalization of Magma/Solar processes at the edge of chaos: the entropy of existence is persistently, adaption by adaptation, renormalized as our being intentionally engages our personal, tricameral experience of existence.

Our species now has the information necessary to understand the intuitions arising from our evolutionary/psyvolutionary potential, and to turn our organs of 'attention' and 'intention' from the innate subconscious renormalizing adaptations of animal existence to the consciously assisted renormalization of our presently disparate functions of sense, emotion, and thought---that is, to turn to the fulfillment of the potential of human existence.

Here at the edge of chaos, the conscious renormalization of these tiers of human consciousnesses is the bifurcation dynamic addressed by the Entropy/Consciousness Institute.


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