Publications and Readings

2004 -- Trioctave Editions
Logosophy: A Compellingly Natural Cosmological, Biological, Psychological, Psyological Theory of Everything

2007 -- Trioctave Editions
"Why was I born, why am I living, what can I get, what am I giving?"

2008 -- Trioctave Editions
The Integrity of the Transspace Ship Karnak (private publication)

2008 -- Marek Alboszta
A Coherent Emergence of Consensus-Driven Reality (2.2 MB)

2009 -- David Wooten, E/C Institute
Triune Mind in Semiosis: Semiotic Bases for Understanding the Human Condition (coming soon).

2009 -- Marek Alboszta, Entropy/Consciousness Institute
Q and A from the Marek's Entropy/Consciousness Institute Lectures, 2008: A Coherent Emergence of Consensus-Driven Reality (coming soon)

2009 -- Entropy/Consciousness Institute
Entropy/Consciousness Website PDF version (4.6 MB)

2010 -- Far-From-Equilibrium
The Blog, sponsored by the E/CI and Far West Millwork

2011 -- Entropy/Consciousness Institute
The Harmonics of Unity: An Interview Addressing the Disparities of Art, Science and Religion (7.1 MB)


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