Cosmopomoral-Organic Reasoning

The Strong Case

The human story from mystical beliefs to provable purpose principles of a sexually bound ergodic cosmology


Looking back, evolutionary processes have given rise to humanity on a planet that, from involutionary processes, arose in a solar system that arose in a galaxy that arose amongst other galaxies making up an ergodically cyclical "uni-verse." Born from charged stardust, the 'dust' of human thought is the present specificity auguring ergodic religarence. Presently, humanity has ascertained that these being-cycle 'arisings' result from persistently ordered but not ultimately measurable homeostatic interactions. Specific to the being-cycles arising in planetary biospheres are the refinement processes of minerals becoming thought. With the complexity of human brain dynamics in the vanguard, the biosphere is a cosmopomorphic function. Looking forward, we humans are a biospheric function through which future arisings are immanent. The personal work to transmute one's random thought-space into a coherent attention-space sufficient to sustain the arising of a Psyvolutionary intention-space, defines the present pressure of ergodicity. The human experience-of-existence---specifically our existence---indicates that the increasing capacity for information processing is the transmutative potential for the refinement of the vibrations of thought. Emotion is the 'womb' of Impartial Conscience, and further, thought is the 'womb' of Objective Reason. The arising and conscious sustenance of such a work is the immanent---though daunting and dissipatively fragile---religarent obligation due from humans in our branch of the Milky Way. The "late fees" are accruing (but only arithmetically).


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