Involution, Evolution, Psyvolution
the case

Psyvolution of Human Mentality

Cosmologically humans are situated on a limb of the Milky Way, anthropomorphically we (you) are situated in the biological vanguard of an evolutionary/psyvolutionary transition. A conjunction of Magma/Solar Furnace dynamics, the biosphere stretches as a molecule of life—a vibrating "drum head"—conforming to the Earth's surface. Humans, having emerged from such an apparatus, are under the obligation to wrest from solar and biospheric processes the fuels—food, air and impressions—necessary to fulfill the function for which we came into being. While going about our daily rounds, our mechanical functioning ingests and transmutes minerals into bodies of sensory flesh, which bodies in turn transmute oxygen into bodies of emotion, and impressions into bodies that think—that is, you.

Anthropomorphically we seem consigned to live superficially, while cosmopomorphically, a subsurface—subconscious—imperative sounds the rhythm of our purpose; within the affects of personage, the psyvolutionary limb of an ergodic imperative haunts the interstices of our ginned up lives. What is life about, we ask, as our being is implacably folded into the processes sustaining the Whole.

The Telescope and Microscope

Ironically, our discoveries of the telescope and the microscope have put us in our place! The infinitely small and the infinitely large define us, but we have yet to apprehend either philosophically or religiously the implications of the fundamental condition of life itself: energy and mass are invariantly interchanging (E = mc2). The explication of the function of humanity in terms of human individuals turns our self-perceptions on their head, and spells out for us the extant order of a cosmopomorphic purpose: the psyvolutionary transmutation of the 'body